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The Pretty Petal Company

A Custom Flower Preservation Company

Turn Your Wedding Bouquet Into A Timeless Piece of Artwork

Here at The Pretty Petal Company, we work to create a beautiful piece of artwork out of your wedding flowers.  We do not limit ourselves to just weddings flowers, but will work with flowers from any special occasion. Each piece is handled by experienced  floral preservationists that you can trust with your one in a life time flowers.


Book your Preservation

You can book your bouquet preservation project up to 2 years prior to your big day!

Wedding Day!

Don't forget to enjoy your big day! We recommend putting someone in charge of your flowers at the end of the night.

Drop Off

Drop off or ship your florals by Tuesday after your big day! If you are shipping your flowers, we will provide you with shipping instructions.

Back to You!

We will have your flowers back to you in 3-5 months. In the meantime, you can think about where to hang your beautiful florals!

Contct Us

Tel: 630-849-8072 I am usually more available by text message!

Oswego, IL

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